Welcome to the site. It’s just started  but we have a lot to share, so we hope you enjoy the content from the 3 main focus areas that we are passionate about:

Security: we started with a post based on a presentation Richard gave as part of the Global Azure Bootcamp. The post is titled “Saving your cyber security bacon” and focuses on some of the key improvements that can be made by any organisation, for the price of bacon sandwich.

Design: In the Design section we showcase the IT Reference Framework for Solution Architecture – this is one of the simplest ways to present a lot of information in a very structured and logical diagram, that can be further enhanced with additional views of the solution for more detailed understanding, following the same 10-layer logic. You can also view the concept idea called the Cortana Explorer.

Productivity: In the latest post we share some of the productivity hacks you can learn and apply to your daily routine. to prevent information overload. These ideas have been tried and tested over many years, and helped many others to be more productive and find a good work-life balance.

Please leave your feedback and let us know what you would like to learn more about.


Welcome to the security section. The content will be focused on the following major topics:

  • Identity Management
  • Information Security
  • Device and Application Security

The first page will be based on the latest presentation: “Saving your cyber security bacon” which explores the tools and techniques currently available to provide an immediate increase in cyber security, for the cost of a bacon sandwich.


Welcome to the design section. Here we will share our experience and design advice, based on the use of visuals to create a greater impact when explaining complex IT security concepts to a wide range of audiences. We will explain the tools we use and the process we go through from conceptual idea sketched on paper, to finalising the design and incorporating into presentations and documents.

The first page will show an idea we had in 2016, inspired by infographics and pie charts. It is called the Cortana Explorer.


Another design feature is the IT Reference Framework: a tool that I hope will be adopted by other Solution Architects as a reference model to develop solutions, explore technologies, and present ideas in a standard way that is easy to consume. You can read more about it here.

The IT Reference Framework by Richard Diver


Welcome to the productivity section. This section will include a range of productivity hacks you can use to control your time, task list, email and information overload. We will show you how to get to Inbox-Zero, and ensure you never forget another great idea !

Our first page covers the 3 key hacks you can make to prevent information overload and achieve more with your time:

  • Manage all communications
  • Process and store information efficiently
  • Simplify time management

We will dive into the deeper details of these in future posts.