Day one

We are planning to use this site to share our though and ideas on the following topics that have kept us busy for the last 20 years in IT:

  • Security
  • Design
  • Productivity 

Security:  Richard works as a Solution Architect, specialising in Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and the Enterprise Mobility and Security suite (EMS). His day job is designing and deploying technologies for customers, as well as speaking at conferences and writing technical articles, papers and books.

Dawn is studying a variety of security topics and creating training courses to help others, as well as starting a new career in IT security consulting and training.

Design:  We have some great ideas we would like to share and get your feedback on. This section will include diagrams, presentations, charts, and few ideas for new frameworks that can be used to articulate complex ideas in a simple way. We will also cover some of the useful tools we use and show how to get from a concept design drawn on paper, to a final product that can be used in presentations and documentation.

Productivity:  As busy professionals we have to juggle the worklife balance to ensure we can make the most of our time and prevent burn out. The information we share in this section will be aimed at providing real-life hacks that you can use to get more done, in less time, and find your own balance.

There is a lot of content to share already, and more will be produced as we learn new things. Feel free to contact us with any question and suggestions for new content you would like to see.

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