A new IT Reference Framework for Solution Architecture

Today I had the opportunity to present an idea that has been developed slowly over the last 5 years, though various customer projects and discussions with other industry experts. The basic idea is to provide a simple reference diagram  with standard terminology and layers, that can be adopted as a tool for developing solution architecture.

You can read more about it by viewing this presentation, or download the PDF. And start using the framework in your own work by downloading the Visio.

If you are interested in using or further developing this idea, please get in touch with me.

The IT Reference Framework by Richard Diver

8 Replies to “A new IT Reference Framework for Solution Architecture”

  1. Hi Richard,

    Rick Wegener, whom I believe you know, has referred me to your website, ie. your new IT architecture framework.

    I’m leading a small team, charged with putting together an “IoT security architecture” for the IoT Alliance Australia.

    Your new IT framework is very good ! and is almost exactly what I’m trying to achieve, and with your permission, I’d like to adapt it for this piece of work I’m doing.

    Would it be possible to have a chat with you (and Rick) to make sure that I understand your work correctly first?

    Thank you
    Nam Nguyen

  2. Hi Richard,

    Great Job !. Seeking your permission to augment this for IoT (MS ecosystem and others). Part of my external volunteer work for the “Perth IoT Communications Network”.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.



    1. Yes, please do, I would like to work with you on it as I have other companies also interested in that. Write to me at richarddiver @ outlook.com

  3. excellent, a really great job. Just also see the webinar today.

    if visio templates are available I would like to use it upon your permission.

    1. Thanks you Kostas, I have updated the post to include a link to the full slide deck (on Docs.com), and a link to download the latest version of the templates (visio format). All feedback is welcome, and would like to see your examples if you are willing to share them with me 🙂

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