Cortana Explorer – concept user interface

Watch the Cortana Explorer video.

The is a design experiment from April 2016. The idea started as a rough concept drawing to try to explain the various complexities of choice when discovering new ideas and concepts, or when researching a topic. As a static diagram the layout works well, but the idea soon changed to include the ability to animate the interface and allow a user to interact with the underlying data. This concept user interface represents a model that could be used to make complex data patterns easier to explore, based on contextual information and layers of additional data.

The design was created using Microsoft Visio, with images were then snipped using Windows Snipping Tool and copied into Microsoft PowerPoint, which was then saved as an MP4 video. You can download the slides used in the video above, they are best played full screen to walk through step by step and see the animations, you can also download a PDF version.

If you see a use for this concept, or know anyone that can turn it into an application, I would like to work with you to further develop this idea.


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